The Big Heart Foundation is here to help the elderly, disabled, sick, and those who deal with being overweight. We in today’s world see that the government is making so many cuts and that hurts you! You may find that you are unable  to get a wheel chair, walker, a scooter, or even a hospital bed. Whatever you need to live a life of independence, we here at the Big Heart Foundation will help you get it. 

Let me tell you a little about this foundation and why its important to Heart to Heart ministries and Rev Williams.

Rev William’s brother had a Big Heart.  He was funny and a great guy to spend time with. He would fill a room with laughter and joy. You could be sad and he’d turn your frown upside down! He put laughter into a room and he’d make you walk away with a smile.

Rev Williams Brother passed at a young age of 38.

Rev Williams also lost many others in his family both Grandmas, both Grandfathers, Mother, Father, Uncles, Aunts, and Brother.

There has been so much hurt from loosing Friends and Family.  Rev Williams wanted to start a Foundation for those he lost and to help others.  His Brother Jamie had the biggest heart you could ever see. There was just something about him loving to helping others. When Rev Williams father was alive and very sick he would help his father. He would stay as long as he needed to to make sure his father had everything he needed.  He was there for any of his family and would go out of his way to help.

With so many deaths in the Williams family,  Rev Williams wanted to give back to the ones he loved and are dear to him, what better way to do that then to open up a way to help others with getting the care they need.

If you are in need, sick, elderly, or you have a need for hospital beds, wheelchairs, rehab equipment, or even power scooters you can call us.